Evil Can Only Prospers When Good Men And Women Choose To Do Nothing
Christian Ordination for Ministers And Chaplains With Legal Ministry License Endorsement and Certification

John 14:12 -13 - “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father.

The mission of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries is to recruit, qualify, equip and offer training to all who feel they have been called to ministry and seeking legal ministry ordination, documentation, endorsement and certification as ministers and chaplains. Chaplains go to where the people in need are. Life experiences are vital and very important in the life of a chaplain and will always be taken into consideration. For that reason Chaplain Fellowship Ministries places a lot of value on life experiences. As a ministry of presence we understand that the Lord ordains, we simply recognizes what He has already done and provide our members with the legal documentation and credentials needed to satisfy the laws and requirement of the public at large. Members of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries receive their ordination, ministry license, chaplain's commission and certifications as a benefit of their membership in accordance with their education, qualifications and experience. Ordination cannot be bought at any price by anyone through Chaplain Fellowship Ministries.

We are recruiting those who have the love of Jesus in their hearts to reach out to those who are in need. Many of our members have started new churches, ministries and chaplain programs, some are in third world countries spreading the Gospel, many are forming new congregations every day in order to reach a constant growing un-churched population in the world today.

Becoming a member of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries will not only open doors in the ministry that you could never get through, it also opens the doors to our advanced training programs. As members of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries we are committed to the Christian Ethics of cooperation, pastoral and professional growth, equality, diversity, human justice and grace. We affirm and promote the value, dignity and worth of each person we encounter in our lives and ministry. In following the model Jesus Christ established for caring for people we covenant to respond to their needs regardless of race, gender, ethic group or religious practices.

Chaplains embrace the principle that a community comes together not to destroy their members but to build and restore each other. Therefore, Chaplain Fellowship Ministries or it’s Chaplains will not engage in activities intended to harm pastoral care providers. Chaplains embrace the need of maintaining high standards of confidentiality in their pastoral and professional ministry. Chaplains strive to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Chaplains have a responsibility to read, understand, and follow the Standards and Code of Ethics of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. They are committed to continue their pastoral education to be better equipped to serve God's people. Chaplains recognize their boundaries of competence referring to other professionals as they see necessary. Those who are in teaching positions will use their pastoral skills and human awareness to uplift those under their educational care avoiding emotional, physical, social and spiritual harm to others at all cost.

Who are the members of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries? Churches, Synods, Lawyers, Housewives, former secret service agents, Military reserves, Active Duty Military,The Disabled, Ins agents, Former Police Officers, Active duty Police Officers, Federal Agents, Border Patrol Agents, Grand Fathers, Nurses, Doctors, Grand Mothers, Married & Unmarried, Male & Female, Pastors of Churches, Ministers, Priest, Bishops, Business owners, Teachers, Deputy sheriffs, Wardens, First responders, Police Chiefs, Bible College Professors, Former Addicts Male & Female, Former Drunks Male & Female, College Graduates, High School Graduates, High School Drop Outs, Auto Mechs, Brick Lawyers, City Officials, Funeral Home owners, Vietnam Combat Veterans, Korean Combat Veterans, Gulf War Veterans, National Guard, Military reserves, Active Duty Military, Retired Military and Senior Citizens. What are the age groups of members, 28 years of age to 89 years of age!

©Chaplain Fellowship Ministries is a faith based non-denominational Christian Public Charity legally Incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation. Please pray for our chaplains! © All rights reserved.

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